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Special Thanks


Niemiec Marine

173 Popes Island
New Bedford, MA 02740


Captain Chris and his Wife want to give a Special Thanks to Marty Niemiec and all the Men and Women that work at Niemiec Marine in New Bedford MA for all their assistance and encouragement in making Duchess of Boston Sailing Charters a reality.


Waltham Auto & Tire Services (WATS)

924 Main Street,
Waltham, MA 02451


Captain Chris would like to give Bill and the Crew at WATS a Special Thanks for resurrecting my 1990 Nissan 240SX numerous times over the last 20 years. After putting over 290K miles on her the transmission finally went and a decision had to be made. Now you have to understand this was my first new car and it brought me home safe twice from Florida. Yes. I was a little attached to the 240. Does not everyone remember their first new car? I will never forget it. Bill looked me in the eyes and said, " Chris, I think it is time to let her go.". I guess he was right. So I traded her in on a new Nissan Versa. Nice practical car, just not a 240SX.

Now what can I say about WATS.
Walking into the Garage is like walking into Cheer's, that old TV Show about a Bar in Boston.
Where everyone knows your name.

Lets talk about their capabilities:
Like the saying goes,
" Their the Best! Better then all the Rest."

Everyone hates getting their car fixed. Right!
I am going to get screwed, overcharged, and it is still not fixed. Sounds familiar.

Now the WATS Experiance:

I make an appointment, drop my car off, or if they can fit me in that day I hand the key's over and have a cup of coffee.

After looking at the car, they explain the problem, give an estimate of time and money to fix the problem, then they fix the car, I pay them and drive away happy.

They repair all makes and models, including Audi and BMW.